Race Seat Office Chair


Race Seat Office Chair

race seat office chair

    office chair

  • A chair designed for office use. This type of chair is very utilitarian and comes in varying styles.
  • An office chair, or desk chair, is a type of chair that is designed for use at a desk in an office. It is generally comfortable and adjustable and can swivel 360 degrees.


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  • A thing made or used for sitting on, such as a chair or stool
  • A sitting place for a passenger in a vehicle or for a member of an audience
  • a space reserved for sitting (as in a theater or on a train or airplane); "he booked their seats in advance"; "he sat in someone else's place"
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  • The roughly horizontal part of a chair, on which one's weight rests directly
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race seat office chair – Ergonomic Office

Ergonomic Office Chair – High Back Mesh Contemporary Executive Swivel Chair – BT-9015-GYBK-GG
Ergonomic Office Chair - High Back Mesh Contemporary Executive Swivel Chair - BT-9015-GYBK-GG
BT-9015-GYBK-GG Features: Gray and Black Mesh Upholstery Integrated Headrest Contoured Back Molds User to Support Back Full Lumbar Support Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment Tilt-Lock Control Mechanism Tilt Tension Control Height Adjustable Ratchet Arms Chrome Base Dual Wheel Carpet Casters Dimensions: Overall: 28.75″(W) x 24″(D) x 45.25″-48.75″(H) Seat Size: 20.5″(W) x 18.25″(D) Seat Height: 19″-22.5″(H) Back Size: 20.25″(W) x 28″(H) Arm Height From Floor: 27.5″-43.5″(H) Arm Height From Seat: 8.75″-12.25″(H) Finish: Gray/Black Mesh

office chair

office chair
Light grey ergonomic cushioned executive size office chair with high back and black casters. 26 in. wide, 22 in. deep x 44 in. tall. No fatigue while working in this chair. Adjustable seat height and very comfortable. one stain on the front right corner,

Office chairs

Office chairs
This is where old office chairs go when they are no longer needed. Must’ve been a few hundred here.

race seat office chair

Black Leather Office Chair - GO-7194B-BK-GG
GO-7194B-BK-GG Features: High Back Design Headrest Passive Ergonomic Back Support Well Padded Seat and Back Waterfall Seat to promote Healthy Blood Flow Black Powder Coat Finished Nylon Loop Arms with Padded Leather Arm Rests Spring Tilt Control Mechanism Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment Tilt Tension Control Heavy Duty Nylon Base with Black Powder Coat Finish Dual Wheel Casters Dimensions: Overall: 27.25″(W) x 30″(D) x 42.25″-46″(H) Seat Size: 21″(W) x 21″(D) Seat Height: 19″-22.5″(H) Back Size: 21″(W) x 27.25″(H) Arm Height From Floor: 26.75″-30.5″(H) Arm Height From Seat: 9.5″(H) Finish: Black ByCast Leather